The Most Random (And Tragic) Childhood Christmas Memories | Blogmas #21

Past Christmases can more often than not come with so many memories! Far too many to count (or remember) but I find it's definitely the one's from your childhood that stick! Some of them are too funny not to share and it's always fun to reminisce!

1. Looking out the window in bed on Christmas Eve, desperately trying to see Santa flying in his sleigh. As well as staying awake for the maximum amount of time possible!

2. Drawing pictures for the school advent calendar in the hall and patiently awaiting each day to see if your picture was behind the door (then when it was, smiling like a goon because your name got read out!)

3. Eating Christmas Dinner in the school hall in Year 5 with Christmas songs playing. Everyone was smiling and singing along, it was so magical and the happiest day!

4. Getting to the age when you weren't actually sure if Santa was real, so trying to decode the letter from him to see if you could notice any traces of your mums writing.

5. Being part of 'The Snowman' play in Year 1, rehearsing for weeks running around in a circle in bobble hats.. Then when the real day came, walking into the hall, seeing my mum and bursting into tears because I missed her and I wanted to go home. Ultimately missing the entire school play!

6. Getting Moon Shoes and bouncing around in the garden on Christmas morning (and breaking some of strings because I actually was too old to have them) YOLO?

7. Remembering all the Christmas Dinners with loved ones who have passed and all the funny memories they gave us.

8. Not having the heart to tell my Mum or Dad that my sister and I weren't eating Christmas Dinner with them, so just having two instead.

9. Getting a pop-up tent on Christmas Day and literally not leaving the thing, so much so it capsized with me in it (and the sand from another present going EVERYWHERE!)

10. Going out clubbing on Christmas Eve, having to leave earlier than usual, then getting home and crying hysterically for no apparent reason on my kitchen floor. (Okay, not a childhood one but it seemed to tragic not to share!)

I'm sure there are so many more, no more of which I can remember! If I think of anymore after this I'll be sure to add them in! :)

What are your funniest Christmas moments? 


  1. Definitely relate to #4! Love your Christmassy signature at the bottom :)

    1. Hahaha! So glad we weren't the only ones! ;) Thank you lovely xx

  2. I love this post! Your Christmas memories are so fun, some funny and some tragic, I agree :D What a brilliant idea for a post :)
    Sian xx Rebel Angel


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