Beauty Advent Calendar Wishlist | Blogmas #2

Every year, I manage to lust over pretty much every beauty advent calendar that's ever released. There's no way in hell (unless I became rich) that I'd be able to afford to buy them all, let alone one. Even though the majority of these are sold out, I thought I'd pick out my most wanted anyway and maybe even cave and buy one next year!

A lot of the brands I am still yet to try, such as Kiehls & Charlotte Tilbury. Trust me, I want to! Other brands such as Benefit, Clinique and The Body Shop, I am very familiar with and most of their products are very high up in my recommendations.

1. Kiehls - 2016 Advent Calendar | £95.00 - Sold Out 

2. Charlotte Tilbury World Of Legendary Parties - 2016 Holiday Beauty Advent Calendar | £150.00 

3. Selfridges - Eclectic Little Luxuries Advent Calendar 2016 | £95.00 - Sold Out 

4. ASOS - The Beauty Advent Calendar 2016 | £50.00

5. Benefit - 'Girl O'Clock Rock' Debenhams Exclusive Advent Calendar 2016 | £31.50 

6. Clinique - '7 Days Of Clinique' Advent Calendar | £23.80

7. Lookfantastic Advent Calendar | £70.00 Sold out 

8. The Body Shop - 24 Happy Days Advent Calendar | £48.00

Do you have a Beauty Advent Calendar this year?


  1. I'd love the Kiels or Charlotte Tilbury one myself! But yeah, they're a bit expensive!! X

    1. Me too! Maybe one day we'll be able to splurge on one! xx

  2. I would love the Clinique advent, though they all look so exciting! x

    1. Yes! Definitely the more affordable of the lot haha! Must get that next year :) xx

  3. I really wanted to get the Lookfantastic one but they messed up my order so I wasn't able to get it... I did buy the ASOS one and I'm loving it so far :)x

    Anu♡ | Based On | Bloglovin

    1. Oh no! That sucks! :( Hopefully you'll get one next year! Oooo I'm glad to hear! :) xx


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