A (Slightly Alternative) Christmas Playlist | Blogmas #8

Music is literally the soundtrack to my life. It motivates me, or sometimes the total opposite (like those moments where you end up prancing around your room and singing into your hairbrush..) You know you do it too.

You can guarantee that as soon as late November hits, I've most likely got the Christmas playlist out. Sorry, not sorry! It's a shame that Christmas songs don't really get made anymore, remember when the bloody X Factor winner always went straight to number one with a tacky cover song? Is that even still a thing?

Regardless, I am so glad that these wonderful artists on my playlist created Christmas music in the first place to have a good old sing song too! It takes me back to eating Christmas Dinner in the school hall at Primary with everyone singing along, or making 'Santa Stop Here' signs in the living room with my sister whilst VH1 played all the tunes in the background.

Although there are some right classics, I also love covers from my favourite bands such as Fall Out Boy and New Found Glory. I've only just realised that Pop Punk Christmas music is a thing. Life = Made!

What are your favourite Christmas songs? :)


  1. I am a huge lover of the classics, nothing beats them!! However, my favourite band came out with a Christmas Album last year and as well as covers they did two new ones! I swear they are now my favourite Christmas songs, they aren't the modern rubbish you tend to get nowadays, they sound just as good as the classics! :) If you fancy listening to them check out The Overtones and Good Ol Fashioned Christmas! :)

    Kelly x |~ SweetIsAlwaysInStyle || Lifestyle Blog ~

    1. So true, they are just the greatest! Oh wow, I'll have to check that out - they sound awesome! Thanks for the recommendation! :) xxx


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