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7 Ways To Help You Get Into The Festive Sprit
It's easy to get caught up in all the stress around Christmas time, which for some means turning into a bit of a Scrooge. Although I do find work stressful and stupidly busy in December, I do take time out to make sure I'm not totally tainted by stress. After all, it's important to be as happy as you possibly can and enjoy Christmas like you're a kid again!

1. Wind down and take time for yourself.

Sometimes with the stress of the festive season, it can be hard to get out of a stressful mindset. Obviously, this can be based on your own personal preference, but I like to grab a peppermint tea (or wine depending on the mood!), run myself a candlelit bath with one of my favourite Lush Christmas bath bombs and read a book.

The book has to be an easy read or something that won't cause me to feel more stressed - usually this is a tips and tricks book or a love story! Failing that, catching up on Vlogmas and my favourite Youtubers!

2. Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park, London.

(That's if you are able to get to London with ease!) My boyfriend and I have a yearly tradition of going to Winter Wonderland every year, we have done ever since we got together!

I love the German Christmas markets, drinking mulled wine, going on the Wild Mause XXL (with a fun house at the beginning), going into The Magical Ice Kingdom and having a good old sing-a-long to live music! I wrote a post all about it here if you wanted to check it out!

If you're not local to London, I'd highly recommend checking out your local Christmas market!

3. Late Night Christmas Shopping.

For some, the thought of this might be really stressful, but I find late night shopping is far less hectic and there are a lot less people around! Although most of my shopping is done online (very last minute may I add!) I do like to mooch round the shops and then grab myself a Christmas coffee in between!

4. Garden Centres.

Once a year, I wake up my inner granny and take myself off to all the local garden centres (more than usual!). Haskins in particular has the most incredible Christmas displays, enough to make anyone who hates christmas sick! IT'S SO PRETTY THOUGH. I can pretty much assure you that the decorations will turn you into a cheeky, smiling mess and maybe even get you into the festive cheer!

5. Watch all of the Christmas films.

There's no better, cheaper way than to cosy up to a good Christmas film or your favourite TV special! There are SO many to choose from and certain ones to suit everybody. If you were looking for some inspiration, I have a post up on my personal favourites!

6. Go for a walk when it's dark.

This might sound like a weird one, but I find it so magical wrapping up, walking around the block and admiring all the houses with the Christmas lights!

7. Blast those tunes!

I drive around singing like a loon at the best of times, but listening to a Christmas playlist in the car (full blast) in December is definitely so much more fun! Spotify have endless amounts of them to suit everyone and if you're not into the classics, they even have some Alternative and Pop Punk Christmas albums on there! If you don't have Spotify, I'm sure that Apple Music have some great ones!

Do you have anymore tips how to get into the festive spirit? Feel free to share them! :)

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