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Festive Film Favourites

My boyfriend and I have a tradition that whenever December starts, so do the Christmas films! They are the easiest and most magical way to get yourself in the festive spirit, all whilst enjoying them from the comfort of your own home (or someone else's!). Here are some of my favourites which I will happily settle down with a bag of popcorn to during festive season!

Favourite Christmas Films

1. Disney's A Christmas Carol (with Jim Carrey) 
There are so many versions of 'A Christmas Carol' that I like, but this one is hands down my favourite. Jim Carrey completely makes this film and adds the perfect amount of humour to it!

2. Dr Zeuss's How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Another Jim Carrey Classic and such a fun, family favourite at Christmas time! Also did you know, 'Cindy Lou Who' is actually Taylor Momsen who sings in The Pretty Reckless and also stars in Gossip Girl? Crazy!

3. The Muppets Christmas Carol
This film has to be one of my favourite Christmas sing-a-long movies of all time! Well, I say that.. I think I only watched it properly for the first time last year! Either way, it's the best and you have to watch it!

4. Disney's The Nightmare Before Christmas
In my eyes, this is a great Halloween and Christmas film, but according to Jack, we are only allowed to watch it in December! At least it's worth the wait! As well loved as this film is, I don't know if it's everyone's cup of tea. What do you think?

5. The Holiday
Aka. The most realistic, down to earth film that resembles Christmas (apart from when Jude Law knocks Cameron Diaz's door and she invites a random stranger into her house?) I can't say any of us would ever do that now haha! Jack Black is also hilarious in this film and the ending is so heartwarming! Everyone likes a good love story at Christmas!

Favourite Christmas Films

6. Home Alone
As I was searching for these to link, I realised the first 'Home Alone' was actually released 4 years BEFORE I was born - that's crazy! It's definitely one I will always remember from my childhood days! Also, Home Alone 2 is Christmas in New York - who wouldn't want that?!

7. The Polar Express
I actually saw this for the first time on my 10th or 11th Birthday at the cinema (which now seems very wrong as my birthday is actually in January!) Such a traitor! It is definitely the most magical Christmas film, and I remember being glued to the screen the entire time. I can't wait to watch this one again.

8. Christmas With The Kranks
I love this film SO much! It's so light-hearted and hilarious at the same time. Tim Allen does such a good job as Luther. This is definitely one I will go to if I'm fancying a bit of a laugh!

9. Harry Potter (The Discography) 
I know what you're thinking.. 'Tania, this isn't a Christmas film?' Well yeah, I think the same too! My boyfriend insists we only watch Harry Potter together during December. Other than that, the rest of the year he won't. Obviously if I wanted to watch it any other time of the year on my own, I totally would! ;)

What are your favourite Christmas films?


  1. I'm with your boyfriend on the Harry Potter front! It's definitely Christmassy!! These are all excellent choices. I've a weekend of christmas films planned this weekend :)

    Honestly Aine

    1. Hahaha, ok ok! I kind of see the seasonal need! ;) Thank you, I'm glad you liked them. What did you watch in the end? xx

  2. The Holiday is my all time favourite!
    I have to watch it about 20 times before Christmas Day! I think I could quote it backwards..

    Bee, x


    1. It's so good, isn't it?! Everything about the film makes me feel fuzzy :D
      I'd love to see you do that hahaha!

  3. This is such a bullshit millennial list, a couple of classics and then some poor excuses of remakes. I feel sorry for everyone associated with you around Christmas.

    1. It's a shame that you felt so offended by what I specified to be my favourites. I'm glad you found some that you liked. Merry Christmas :)

  4. Now I have a festive film checklist! I love all these films, but I must admit the one that really gets me in the mood for Christmas has to be The Grinch x


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