Arundel Christmas Market | Blogmas #9

Arundel Christmas Market

On Saturday, myself, Jack, his Mum and Brother headed off to Arundel for their annual Christmas Market. We attempted to go once before but ended up arriving too late, ultimately missing the entire thing! Oops. This time, we made the most of it by going super early!

With Winter fast approaching, I can't say it was the warmest day ever. Even though there was a bitterly cold breeze, the sun was shining and that was all that mattered for us to enjoy the day!

Arundel Castle
Arun River, ArundelIf you're not too familiar with Arundel, it's a quaint little town in the heart of West Sussex. The streets are laced with medieval looking buildings, cute cafes, country pubs and adorable little shops. There are also endless picturesque walks around the castle and the river; Autumn never looked so good!

Even though I've been to Arundel so many times, I've never really taken the time to go around all of the shops and embrace how unique they are. We started off with the antique & book shops, then moved onto the upcycled furniture stores! It's amazing what you can find!

Mulled Wine At Arundel Christmas Market

We then wandered back outside to look around all of the market stalls. There was the best smell of hot dogs in the air, everyone was smiling and Christmas Carols were being sung by the local choir - it was so magical!

Our first stop was grabbing a obligatory Mulled Wine! It's basically a must at Christmas time, even if it was only 1pm! Either way, it was nice to mooch around whilst sipping on a hot bevvy!

Arundel Christmas Market 2016
Arundel Christmas Market 2016
Arundel Christmas Market 2016Arundel Christmas Market 2016

There were all sorts of stands selling different things, from cheese making kits (obvs I fell in love!), Christmas decorations, accessories, skincare, homemade gingerbread & warm sausage rolls, even real local ales. There was something for everyone, and most definitely some great gift ideas!

The other section of the town had a funfair, more mulled drinks (..yep, this time I got spiced cider), amazing handmade wreaths and roasted chestnuts! Jack and I didn't stick around too long here, so we headed up to the higher part of town.

One of my favourite shops on Tarrant Street had to be Lavender House Garden. I fell in love instantly with their candles (I mean obviously, it's me) and all of their Christmas baubles and home bits were gorgeous. Sadly, it was a little bit pricy for my liking, but I'm sure I'll be going back there once Christmas is over. I also made best friends with the little black puppy in the shop! SO CUTE!

Some of the shops we went by were so incredibly busy, you physically couldn't go in! It was a bit of a shame, although it gives us more of a reason to go back soon!

We really wanted to stay for the Lantern Procession but it was just too unbearably cold by this point, so we grabbed a hot dog, had a quick sing-a-long to the Christmas carols and picked up the yummiest brownies from my favourite cafe, Motte & Bailey before heading home! Maybe next year!

Have you been to any Christmas Market this year? :)


  1. Your pictures are so pretty! This place looks magical! :) I'm super excited to be heading to the Manchester Christmas markets next week and this just made me all giddy at the thought of hot drinks and cute decorations! Lovely post! :) xx

    Lucy x |~ SweetIsAlwaysInStyle || Lifestyle Blog ~

    1. Aww thank you Lucy! :) It's so cute! Manchester Christmas Market sound so fun, I hope you enjoy! xxx


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